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Founded in 2005, the Don Bosco Central School is a venture by the Salesians of Don Bosco. Don Bosco Institutions run by the Salesians of Don bosco, are home to 12 lakh students in about 2400 institutions in 132 countries across the five continents of the globe. In the understanding of Don Bosco any Don Bosco house has 4 dimensions. It is a school where one learns, it is a home where one feels secure, it is a playground where one can relax with others and it is a church where one can find meaning in life. Like thousands of Don Bosco institutions in 132 countries we are following his educational system noted for its congenial, friendly, and holistic approach. Today the school is a second home to 1300 students, 50 teaching and administrative staff. The class rooms are equipped with digital/smart boards. Those who have commitment , the ability and motivation can expect rewards-exhilarating intellectual satisfaction, fulfillment and joy. Value education based on psycho-spiritual integration is imparted in this temple of learning.
Admission Management Student Tracking System e - Wallet Automated Attendance Online Feepayment Store Management Learning Management Library Management Fee Management Communication system eCMS


The entire flow of Admission is taken care in this application right from the beginning of filling up the form to selecting the student for the Interview/ shortlisting and to do the announcement/ informing of shortlisted students, reminders for Admission process, payment of Fees for Admission. etc


Student Tracking System is designed specifically for the school or parent to track and monitor student ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way. You would be able to know whether a student got on or off the bus, how far the bus for pick-up or drop -off etc to make any parent stay at their peace of mind. This service provides accurate and real-time results.


e-Wallet service offers a cashless biometric secured ID card-based transaction inside the school campus for the purchases form school store, canteen, etc.., and the transaction is secured using biometrics verification and the parent will get instant notifications on each transaction and can check the previous transactions using the mobile application.


The class faculty can see a list of students or members registered in a class. The faculty may take attendance and mark the present students using checkbox provided in front of every student name. This attendance sheet is stored and sent to the central administrator of the organization and stored there.


The parent can pay the student's term fees using the application by Net banking, Credit card or debit card. If you don't have these services you can generate a challan and pay directly in the bank.


Store management is concerned with ensuring that all the activities involved in storekeeping and stock control are carried out efficiently and economically by the store offers sales reports and transaction reports.


Learning Management is the capacity to design pedagogic strategies that achieve learning outcomes for students and for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs for the better academic results.


This service built to handle the primary housekeeping functions of a school library. It keeps a record of different categories like Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, etc., Classify the books subject wise. Easy way to enter new books, Easy way to make a check-out and check-in, Automatic fine calculation for late returns, Different criteria for searching a book.


The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deductions, and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. School Fee Management System is one of the key components in managing Educational institutes and both parent and the office staff can see the fees details.


This service offers you to conduct a direct communication gateway for parents, teachers and office.Receive messages from the school regarding general notifications and other.eCMS mobile app is embedded with staff-parent meeting, teacher-parent meetings features to minimize the delays and save everyone’s precious time.It also allows to do group communications and many more.
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Student Tracking System  
e - Wallet  
Automated Attendance  
Online Fee Payment  
Store Management  
Learning Management  
Library Management  
Fee Management  
Communication System  

eCMS is an ERP solution catering to Educational segment and to provide a single window solution for an institute. It meets all the required needs of Administrator, Office management, Parent, Teachers, Students, etc. In short, eCMS can make users life easier. It provides a better platform for the teacher, parents, and management intercommunication. eCMS comes with more than 20 modules and it can be customized.

The key features of ecMS are that parent can pay the fees or any dues to the institution via an online payment gateway, they can also view the performance status of their students in progress card and general evaluation with the help of graphs, messaging system for communication between parents and teachers, track your student and be peaceful, e-Wallet for cashless transactions in the school campus like canteen, store, office, etc.., and the automated attendance system also included in this software. eCMS comes with Web-based and Mobile-based Applications for the system.

How eCMS Help to Automate an Educational Institution?


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